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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Pegasus team is ready to handle all your aviation charter needs for a seamless experience with legendary service.

Explore Your Aircraft Options

Pegasus Offers Access to Virtually any Aircraft Worldwide

Heavy & Long Range

19 – 45++ passengers
Long ranges
Range approximately 6,500+ miles
Average speed 530+ mph
Wide body cabins & heavy storage capacity

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Ultra Long & Long Range

10 – 18 passengers
Long ranges
Range approximately 6,500 miles
Average speed 530 mph
Large cabin & more storage capacity

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Super Mid-Size

8 – 10 passengers
Medium to long ranges
Range approximately 3,500 miles
Average speed 500 mph
Cabin width & height 6 – 7′

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5 – 9 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 3,000 miles
Average speed 480 mph
Cabin width & height 5 – 6′

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6 – 7 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 2,000 miles
Average speed 400 mph
Short runway performance

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Very Light

4 – 5 passengers
Short ranges
Range approximately 1,200 miles
Average speed 350 mph
Short runway performance

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4 – 10 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 1,500 miles
Average speed 450 mph
Ultra-short runway performance

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4 – 10 passengers
Short ranges
Range less than 1,500 miles
Average speed 200 mph
Great for smaller airports

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“Kevin at Pegasus charter took care of everything we needed to make our trip amazing. We love booking our charter flights with them.”

– Steve J, New York

“My last minute booking was perfect. The flight crew were both courteous and professional. I will absolutely use you guys for all of my air charter needs in the future”

– Dan, Florida

“I just had to let you know how pleased we were with our recent flight to LA. Everything from the fresh catering to the sedan drop-off was perfect. Thanks again!”

– Amanda & Mike, Chicago