Private Jet Charter Overview


At Pegasus Air Charter, we seek to provide you with seamless travel services. Your dedicated charter coordinators are available 24/7 to ensure all aspects of your trip are handled. Pegasus operates a mixed fleet of aircraft and has access to a wide-ranging network of charter operators that meet our stringent standards. With this, we can provide our clients with an ideal aircraft virtually anywhere in the world.

Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of our passengers. Pegasus has a devoted commitment to safety which is why we have set standards to ensure your flight experience is both safe and secure. We take great pride in the fact that our flights are operated to standards that far surpass those of the FAA, TSA, and DOT.

Private Jet Charter Services


When booking a trip with Pegasus Air Charter, you’ll be given five-star service throughout all phases of the journey:

  • Dedicated flight coordinator who shapes plans to meet your specific needs.
  • 24/7/365 flight operations to allow flight scheduling at your convenience.
  • Insurance requirements with minimums that exceed industry standards.
  • Approved and audited charter vendors so we can find the best option to meet your needs anywhere in the world.
  • Dining options from our preferred catering vendors.

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Explore Your Aircraft Options

Heavy & Long Range

19 – 45++ passengers
Long ranges
Range approximately 6,500+ miles
Average speed 530+ mph
Wide body cabins & heavy storage capacity

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Ultra Long & Long Range

10 – 18 passengers
Long ranges
Range approximately 6,500 miles
Average speed 530 mph
Large cabin & more storage capacity

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Super Mid-Size

8 – 10 passengers
Medium to long ranges
Range approximately 3,500 miles
Average speed 500 mph
Cabin width & height 6 – 7′

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5 – 9 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 3,000 miles
Average speed 480 mph
Cabin width & height 5 – 6′

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6 – 7 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 2,000 miles
Average speed 400 mph
Short runway performance

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Very Light

4 – 5 passengers
Short ranges
Range approximately 1,200 miles
Average speed 350 mph
Short runway performance

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4 – 10 passengers
Short to medium ranges
Range approximately 1,500 miles
Average speed 450 mph
Ultra-short runway performance

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4 – 10 passengers
Short ranges
Range less than 1,500 miles
Average speed 200 mph
Great for smaller airports

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